Environmental Compliance and Record Keeping

Simplifying the Lives of our Customers

The compliance of a livestock facility isn’t complete without a consistent, reliable set of records. Settje Compliance Service (SCS) utilizes a proprietary web-based record keeping system, which is the only system of its kind in the livestock environmental compliance sector. Our system ensures accurate records for many CAFO needs, including:

  • Pond levels and dewatering
  • Inventory and maintenance inspections
  • Manure projections and nutrient management
  • Precipitation and weather events
  • Chemical and petroleum storage
  • Mortality records and disposals

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Industry-Leading Livestock Record Keeping

In the early years of Settje Agri-Services, our compliance team created the foundation of the only livestock facility record keeping program on an online platform. Now, the platform is used by hundreds of livestock producers around the U.S. to maintain environmental compliance with local, state, and federal agencies. We continually strive to meet the specific goals of our customers in the development of proprietary software.

This system easily guides the user through the process of entering accurate and thorough records. It is comprehensive and covers everything from weather data and holding pond volumes to agronomy items such as soil, manure, water analysis, crop projections, and yield results. This service also provides unprecedented on-site assistance with every state or federal agency compliance inspection.


New facilities must be permitted and approved by a variety of agencies. Our county zoning process ensures your operation is adequately planned and prepared for the zoning hearings.


Depending on your state and facility type, a variety of regulations must be followed and record must be kept to ensure compliance of your facility. Our program covers every type of livestock facility that requires State regulation.


The EPA is continually expanding its reach among livestock producers across the nation. Our team has worked with a variety of producers in ensuring that their facilities meet the standards, when applicable, of federal agencies such as the EPA.

Nebraska Department of Environmental Equality (NDEE)

Settje Agri-Services maintains a close working relationship with the NDEE, which is Nebraska’s local regulatory agency for the compliance of livestock facilities. Our engineers, field technicians, and administrative staff are on a first-name basis with many of the employees at the NDEE. 20+ years of record keeping and environmental compliance services for livestock producers has created an in-depth understanding of environmental quality and compliance regulations within our staff.

See our Resources Page for basic forms and regulations from the NDEE.