The SASE team has designed and constructed many dairy heifer development barns in the Midwest, including monoslope barns for young heifers. With the current industry trend to feed and develop replacement heifers off-site and in drier climates, SASE has been instrumental in facilitating this move with permitting, design and engineering, and turnkey construction services for dairy facilities ranging from 3,600 to 50,000 head.

SASE is employed by some of the largest and most successful dairy producers in the Midwest, focusing on local zoning, barn engineering, facility layout, site optimization, road development, nutrient recovery and manure management, and turnkey construction management. We have built a variety of dairy production facilities, and can design and build everything in your dairy barn from drainage and electrical to cattle handling and milking parlors. In addition, we have designed commodity storage and feed mill areas, and office and mechanical buildings.

Shaded Barn