Ground Water Monitoring

As regulations continue to evolve and grow in regards to water resources, our Ground Water Monitoring (GWM) program aims to verify and protect the essential water resources required by livestock producers.

Settje Agri-Services and Engineering, Inc. has installed and currently samples over 1,000 wells throughout the Midwest. Our team can design, bid, and oversee the installation of your GWM Plan. These plans are based on a variety of factors, including soil permeability, size of structures, and depth of ground water. After installation, we sample your wells to provide you with accurate third party verification and handle all regulatory requirements. 

Geological Discovery

Our professional engineers provide accurate geological discovery for all construction projects. Geological discovery is key in site selection for Livestock Waste Control Facility (LWCF) design and construction. With poor geological research, construction projects can be delayed for weeks or even months with substantial cost overruns. Our field staff conducts on-site geological discovery and testing.

See our article on geological discovery here.

Permeability Standards

All LWCF facilities must meet permeability standard. The SASE team has engineered every soil type in the Midwest to meet this standard. SASE worked with the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and developed the only state-approved protocol for amending sandy-type soils with composted manure to meet this permeability standard. With an 8-cell perm laboratory in-house, SASE can prepare and analyze soil samples quickly and effectively.


HDPE Plastic Liners

Settje Agri-Services and Engineering has bid and coordinated the installation of millions of square feet of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) synthetic liner material for lining holding ponds and lagoons in conditions that did not allow for clay or soil-amended liners. Synthetic liners are a viable option in certain geological settings, and can be installed in a cost-effective way through our processes.