No other firm has the experience and professionalism that SASE has in the permitting of livestock facilities at all levels. Our engineering and design department fully understands the regulations and requirements that each type of livestock operation must meet to maintain proper legal and operational status.

No matter the type of livestock facility you’re building or operating, our engineering team and field staff can ensure that you meet and maintain structural requirements set by local, state, and national agencies.

County Zoning

Our team has assisted producers in obtaining a vast majority of livestock facility expansion permits in the Midwest. We provide assistance in livestock facility citing that complies with county zoning requirements, and represent the customer in the county hearing process. Our team helps local residents and county zoning boards understand, comprehend, and appreciate what livestock production can offer their communities.

Nebraska County Zoning Resources

Secondary Containment

A secondary form of containment for fuel tanks and liquid fertilizer storage facilities is required when these structures exceed a certain size. The SASE team has designed and built these containment facilities to ensure environmental compliance with a practical, cost-effective approach for our customers.

State and Federal Permitting

Having prepared over 1200 state and federal permits for livestock facilities, our team understands the complexities and details needed to ensure your facility will obtain a construction and operating permit on time.

Natural Resource Conservation Services (NRCS)

Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) funding can provide financial resources to certain producers that qualify. SASE is a registered Technical Services Provider (TSP) of the NRCS, and has designed, built, and provided services to hundreds of producers to gain cost-share funding for constructing Livestock Waste Control Facilities (LWCF).

Natural resources and storm water

Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

Dam safety and water allocation projects require a DNR permit when dam heights and capacities exceed certain levels. Our team has designed and permitted hundreds of such facilities to meet these requirements, with an excellent relationship among the state agency.

Storm Water Permits

Storm Water Pollution and Prevention Plans (SWPPP) are required by some states for approval on construction sites. Our construction managers and engineers have experience in many states for obtaining and following the regulations required by SWPPP’s.

Army Corps of Engineers Permitting

SASE can assist your operation in meeting the stringent requirements for permitting from the Army Corps of Engineers. Stream relocation, wetland issues, and bank stabilization projects are common processes to our team. Our water resources engineering department focuses on many of these issues.