For our larger integrated customers, we have acted as a General Contractor for design-build services of various boar studs. These facilites are unique to the industry, and require specific features to protect the high value of boars.

Semen and Motility Laboratories

We are capable of full sourcing and design for these systems, including:

  • Biosecurity considerations
  • Climate controlled and air conditioned building packages
  • Cooled storage rooms
  • Stud to lab transport systems
  • Office quarters and employee accomodations

Designed for the animals

Boar studs hold the highest value animals of any aspect in a swine integrator operation. Due to the nature of the animal, higher design and engineering standards have been set across the industry for biosecurity and animal productivity. We take all factors of ventilation, filtration, and features such as air conditioning, to create the ideal environment for these animals.

Nutrient Output and Utilization

Deep-pit and manure storage facilities maximize nutrient recovery and output. Proximity to cropland is essential for manure hauling and transfer to provide sustainable nutrient utilization.

Lagoon systems can provide an alternative to deep pit swine facilities for manure and effluent management when crop base is limited.


Our experienced design team and competitive bidding process for your swine construction project will ensure that we find the best monetary solution for your facility. Competitive bidding during the construction process results in owner satisfaction.