Expanding Opportunity for Contract Growers

Swine integrators continue to expand their reach, and with that expansion comes opportunity for farmers of all types to diversify their operations. These contract growers realize a stable and significant return on investment when diversifying from traditional operations into swine production. Some of the most renowned benefits of contract grower programs include:

Family Farms

Expansion of operations can bring family members back into the daily family farm operations.


With increasingly volatile markets, contract swine growers realize a diversified and more stable source of income.

Revenue Generation

Swine integrators work in numbers, providing a predictable and consistent source of revenue to their contract growers.

Nutrient Output and Utilization

Deep-pit and manure storage facilities maximize nutrient recovery and output. Nearly 30% of the value in a swine finisher can be found in the nutrient content of its manure.

Investment Opportunity

With steady cash flows and a predictable business model, becoming a contract grower for a swine integrator can be a lucrative investment for an equity investment or tax standpoint.