Our staff has designed, built, and permitted a wide range of sow farms across the Midwest. These systems fit all sizes and operational styles, from 2500-head units to 7500-head systems.

Gestational Options and Technology

No matter the style of sow farm, we provide feasible, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of customers looking for:

  • Traditional breeding barns
  • Pen and group gestation systems
  • Electronic feeding stations

Integrator Systems

Swine integrators continue to expand, furthering the need for new sow farms. As consumer demand and preferences change, the nature of sow farm design and engineering can change rapidly. Our team has experience in renovations of existing facilities to meet new concepts, and can create turnkey packages to fit all needs of progressive swine producers.

Nutrient Output and Utilization

Deep-pit and manure storage facilities maximize nutrient recovery and output. Proximity to cropland is essential for manure hauling and transfer to provide sustainable nutrient utilization.

Lagoon systems can provide an alternative to deep pit swine facilities for manure and effluent management when crop base is limited.

Operational Size

The design and engineering process of a 2400 head hog finishing unit is entirely different than that of a 6,000 sow farrow to wean unit.


Our experienced design team and competitive bidding process for your swine construction project will ensure that we find the best monetary solution for your facility. Competitive bidding during the construction process results in owner satisfaction.