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As Settje Agri-Services does with many customers in the US, we take a technical approach to international projects. Through this, we conduct on-site visits with the customer, and take our own topographical survey of the job site. SASE is able to work with the customer in site selection for the facility, whether it be a hog confinement barn or a 20,000 head feedlot. Site selection is key in operational efficiency, and when combined with topographical data, can save customers up to 20% on pre-site work for livestock facilities.

Upon completion of a site visit and survey, SASE engineers will begin work on design and engineering of the facility. As designs are created for each specific project, they are sent to the customer and approved before more work is done. Through this process, we ensure that the customer is aware of each major change and aspect of their facility before anything is actually constructed.

As the engineering and design phase is finished, SASE can create a bill of quantities for the customer’s project, if desired. This bill of quantities is used by construction companies for bidding and estimating of the project’s construction. As construction takes place, our engineers can create and/or approve any major modifications made throughout the project’s execution.

We Offer Complete Services to International Clients

This process is often more complex than a simple design and engineering project, no matter where your livestock operation is located. In addition to the technical aspects mentioned above, SASE can provide construction supervision services on your project site during the construction phase. Through site supervision, our company can ensure that your project is constructed according to our designs and top-quality industry standards. More information on this process can be attained through specific conversations between our staff and your agricultural company.

Several members of our team have previous experience in agricultural development on operations overseas, including countries such as Russia, Uganda, Australia, and Argentina. If your operation is in need of assistance, advice, strategic planning or evaluation, or any relevant services of which Settje Agri-Services is experienced in, do not hesitate to contact our office. We aim to meet each client’s needs on a case-by-case basis.


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