Building Better Beef Facilities

Cattle confinement barns in deep-pitted barns and monoslope barns bed-pack buildings have become increasingly popular. Although initial investment is significantly higher in this type of cattle feeding, the efficiency gained with decreased pen maintenance, manure transfer time, animal welfare, and protection from extremes in weather can result in cost saving efficiencies that traditional beef feedlots simply can’t provide.

Cost-Effective Cattle Barn Design

The Settje Agri-Services & Engineering Inc. team has extensive experience in the design and layout of cattle barns, including deep-pit and bed pack beef barns. Whether you are feeding steers from 500 pounds to market weight, or looking to house cow/calf pairs indoors, we can design a cattle barn that fits your exact needs in a cost-effective way.

Key Features


  • Open-air barn style
  • Concrete deep pit
  • Concrete slats with rubber mat overlay
  • One feed alley


  • Increased animal rate of gain
  • Decreased feed loss
  • Decreased animal health problems
  • Elimination of pen maintenance


  • Consistent manure recapture
  • Returned value via nutrients
  • Consistent animal efficiency
  • Minimal operating costs