Dairy barns and production systems have quickly become a favorite of Settje Agri-Services. SASE has engineered, permitted, and constructed dairy barns ranging from 250 cows to 11,000 cows throughout the Midwestern United States.

While serving dairy farmers and their families in the state of Nebraska, we also work with many customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, Kansas, Iowa and South Dakota.

Whether it be a robotic dairy, freestall barn system with carousel milking parlor, or monoslope barn for heifer development, our team brings experience and technical expertise to your dairy operation.

Dairy Heifer Development and Calf Units

The SASE team has permitted, designed and constructed many dairy heifer development barns in the Midwest, including monoslope barns for young heifers and hutch systems for young calves. With the current industry trend to feed and develop replacement heifers off-site and in drier climates, SASE has been instrumental in facilitating this move for dairy facilities ranging from 3,600 to 50,000 head.

SASE is employed by some of the largest dairy producers in the Midwest, focusing on local zoning, civil engineering, facility layout, site optimization, road development, nutrient recovery and manure management, and turnkey construction management. In addition, we have designed commodity storage and feed mill systems to meet each operation’s specifications.

Dairy Barn Engineering

A wide range of factors come into play when considering how to design and build your dairy barns and production systems:

Topography and Site Planning

Taking advantage of topography to create optimal conditions for dairy facility’s pen slope, manure and sand separation systems, site drainage, and manure management is what we have been doing for 20+ years.

Operational Size

Nearly every aspect of a 250 head facility is different than that of a 9,600 head dairy barn.


Whether you are in Central Minnesota or Eastern Arizona, we understand the difference in climates and how they affect dairy production systems of all types.


Experienced agricultural engineers and competitive bidding for construction will ensure that we find the best monetary solution for your facility.

Existing Infrastructure

Not only do we build new dairy facilities, but we also have a long history in expanding and renovating existing facilities.

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