Turnkey Design-Build Construction Services

Surveying. Design. Estimating. Engineering. Permitting. All of this leads to a time-sensitive construction window. We specialize in the whole process.

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In recent years, construction management has risen to the forefront of services offered by Settje Agri-Services. Initially, we began in the full design/build process of beef feedlots, but have since added experienced staff members in the design and build processes of swine confinement barns, dairy facilities, and poultry barns.

Our staff will act as either a Construction Manager (CM) or a General Contractor (GC), based on your specific project and operational style. Our aggressive bidding process can typically save our customers 10-30% in construction costs. Regardless of the construction style that you choose from SASE, our site superintendents will take the day-to-day worry out of your construction project.

General Contractor Services

As General Contractor (GC) of your construction project, SASE will:

  • Estimate and bid all subcontractors for the best quality and pricing
  • Take full autonomy and responsibility of building your facility
  • Manage every operation from initial design until final completion of the project.
  • Charge a lump-sum total for the whole project, of which the customer will pay no more or no less than.

Turnkey construction management services, such as being the General Contractor of agricultural construction projects, provides autonomy to our company’s specialists and takes the daily worry of construction away from your operation.

Cost-Plus Construction Management

Through Cost-Plus construction management, Settje Agri-Services aims to serve a variety of operations that do not align with GC services. In this process, our team will:

  • Estimate and bid all subcontractors for the best quality and pricing
  • Work alongside you and your team to share responsibility of building your facility
  • Manage select operations of your project, based upon your preferences.
  • Charge a margin of the costs associated with construction for our services.

This style of construction management is often simpler than GC services, and aims to serve those who want continual involvement in the decision making and management of their operation’s construction project.

Continual Process Verification

While our construction management team is ensuring that your livestock facility is being built properly and in a cost-effective way, our engineers are continually verifying that the project is being built to the blueprint designs and specifications in which they have created.

Our engineers are project engineers, meaning that one specific staff member will work with you throughout the entire construction process. We believe this not only develops better working relationships, but adds value to your project through continuity and quality.

Quality assurance is a key factor in our process, and is the single most important aspect in your facility’s construction.

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