Turning Your Waste into an Asset

Using manure as a fertilizer source is an age-old concept, although it has not been fully utilized throughout the agricultural industry. Whether you are producing manure as a livestock operation, a conventional farmer looking to lower input costs, or an organic farmer in search of proper fertilizer, our team has the resources to bring value back to your operation.

Value-Driven Manure Sales

Our team provides a full range of services to our feedlot customers for manure sales services. We take two different approaches in the sales process:

  1. Acting as a sales agent, by selling your manure to farmers for a percentage fee.
  2. As an owner, where we buy your manure and resell it as our own asset.

In addition to sales, our staff can arrange manure hauling and spreading logistics to provide the exact services that your operation requires. Along with our own spreading services, we work with many manure companies that provide custom spreading across Nebraska. Our team markets over 1 million tons of manure annually, serving a customer base of over 500 farmers and livestock producers throughout the Midwest.


Farmer Benefits

We aim to bring full-service value to farmers through:

  • Field-specific agronomic considerations
  • Significant reduction in fertilizer costs
  • Long-term nutrient management planning
  • Direct contact with our customers

Feedlot Benefits

We aim to the bring full value of our feedlot’s manure back to each facility through:

  • Creation of a new profit center through manure
  • On-site logistics management
  • Manure sales to regional farmers
  • Customized manure management plans

Hog Producer Benefits

Whether it be a deep-pit, pull-plug, or traditional production system, we work with swine customers across the Midwest to return value to their operation.

  • 20-30% of total operational value returned through manure utilization
  • Facility-specific management considerations

Poultry Grower Benefits

Poultry litter is by far the most nutrient-dense manure on the market. We often work with contract growers that own poultry facilities solely for the manure value!

  • Dense nutrient content provides steady cash flow
  • Barn-to-field manure management
  • Facility-specific management considerations

Value Comparisons

Manure is naturally rich in nutrients, and can often exceed the nutrient content of many commercial fertilizers. Currently, Settje Agri-Services is monitoring and analyzing 15 different test plots to compare the value vs. investment of manure. These plots will absolutely verify that the investment of manure in your operation will return a better cost to yield ratio than commercial fertilizer. Our team can design the perfect nutrient application and manure management plans for your farm, whether it be 40 acres or 4,000.

Logistics Management/Manure Hauling

Hauling manure is a game of margins. With proper management and coordination, farmers can maximize their return on investment in purchasing manure. Knowing key factors can play a major part in your manure application process:

  • Proximity to suppliers
  • Regional trucking companies
  • Route efficiency
  • Coordination with other subcontractors

Custom Manure Spreading

To provide a turnkey package, SASE works with many subcontractors throughout the region for our client’s manure spreading needs. Our subcontractors provide direct support and advanced technologies through:

  • Precision agriculture integration
  • Variable rate application
  • Nutrient map considerations
  • Off-season planning and logistics