About Us

Settje Agri-Services and Engineering is the Midwest’s premier provider for livestock systems design, engineeringconstruction managementmanure marketing and environmental compliance.

Dean Settje founded Settje Agri-Services in 1997 with one goal — to deliver unmatched engineering and design services to livestock producers. As the company has grown, our commitment to producers hasn’t wavered. From an integrated, multi-national producer to row-crop farmers continuing family traditions, we provide value to your business.

Our diverse team includes professional engineers, draftsmen, construction managers, project estimators, agronomists, geologists, field technicians and groundwater monitoring specialists. By merging technology, design, construction and regulations, Settje creates innovative systems that set the industry standard for quality.

Originally founded as an agri-engineering and compliance company, we now offer a complete suite of services for livestock producers. From turn-key engineering and construction solutions to environmental audits, compliance services and manure marketing, we are dedicated to serving the needs of livestock producers and farmers around the globe. Our extensive experience in cattle feedlot and production facility design spans much of the U.S.

Our Culture is Rooted in Ag

At Settje Agri-Services, we work exclusively with farmers and producers. We grew up working on family farms and learned our trade on feedlots and dairies across the Midwest. From our engineers to our construction managers — agriculture is in our DNA and it drives everything we do.

Our Vision

We shape the world’s livestock production facilities and related natural resource networks for generations to come.