Our Story

Since 1997, Settje Agri-Services and Engineering, Inc. (SASE) has worked to become the premier provider in the Midwest for livestock systems design, engineering, construction management, manure marketing, and environmental compliance.

Our diverse team includes professional engineers, draftsmen, construction managers, project estimators, agronomists, geologists, field technicians, and groundwater monitoring specialists. This team has more than 300 years of combined experience, and is dedicated to the unprecedented quality of work that has become the gold standard to our clients.

Originally, our company was built solely to assist livestock producers in the engineering and compliance sectors of agricultural production systems. Now, that is only a portion of our specialties. Whether it be a turnkey construction project from site selection and initial design until completion, or manure marketing and nutrient management services, SASE is dedicated to serving the needs of livestock producers and farmers across the spectrum.

We have extensive experience in production facility design and construction for beef, swine, dairy, and poultry production. Our experience spans much of the U.S., including Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, and North and South Dakota. 

The team of SASE is driven by a common denominator of passion – agriculture. We aim to serve producers in the US and across the globe, continually striving to innovate existing systems and challenging the status quo of the industry. 


From Humble Beginnings

Dean Settje founded Settje Agri-Services in 1997 with one goal in mind – to serve livestock producers for engineering and design purposes with compliance and regulations in mind. While our company still focuses on its initial purpose, we have diversified into many other sectors to serve the needs of progressive agriculturalists. Whether you are an integrated, multi-national producer, or a small row crop farmer looking to continue a tradition, we aim to provide value to your business.

The Core values of settje agri-services


Always take the ethical route.


Experience and expertise in agricultural systems are the competitive advantage of SASE employees and partners.

Customer Service

We listen to our customers to fulfill their goals.


We constantly search for and develop new ways to create and build systems that simplify the lives of our customers.


Open, honest, and proactive communication is vital.


We will excel in preserving and protecting the environment.

Our vision

Settje Agri-Services and Engineering, Inc. exists solves the problems of those involved in the protein production industry. Our company strives to become number one in every market in which we serve. We will proactively merge technology, design, construction, regulation, and human talent to create the most innovative systems ever built. These systems will maximize value to our customers and be sustainable to the environment, while delivering a wholesome and low-cost product to our customers around the world. Our company will be the gold standard, and will revolutionize the global protein production industry.