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Beef Cattle Feedlot Design

Beef feedlots around the world are continually being developed and improved. Our engineers understand the most current technologies in every aspect of feedlot design and structure, including animal welfare, feeding efficiency, and processing flow. When designing your feedlot, we emphasize the importance of animal comfort and operational efficiency to make your operation less stressful and more profitable.

Settje Agri-Services has designed and engineered hundreds of feedlots across Nebraska and the Midwestern US. We understand the unique challenges that each cattle producer faces, and take a unique approach to each project through our design to build process. Our team combines technical skills of engineers with the real-world experience of those involved in feedlot production.

Whether you are adding on only 500 head of pen space, or looking for a turnkey construction of 20,000 head in pen space, our experience is unrivaled in beef feedlot design.

Cattle Feedlot Design

  • Pen design and slope
  • Overall feedlot layout and workflow
  • Feed and water systems
  • Fencing options
  • Feed bunk space
  • Sediment basins and lagoons
  • Roads and alleys
  • Feed mills and steam flakers

Working and Processing Facilities

  • Grandin-style animal flow systems
  • Working facility layouts
  • Bud Box designs
  • Sick bays and hospital barns
  • Automated hydraulic sorting systems
  • Holding pens
  • Shipping load in/out areas

General Buildings

  • Commodity storage buildings
  • Office building plans
  • Machinery storage barns
  • Mechanical/hydraulic systems
  • On-site housing
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Core Objectives

No matter your operation’s history, location, climate, or management, several key factors are always considered by our team during the feedlot design process. These factors affect every aspect of your operation, and are the underlying focus of our engineering process.

Factors to Consider


Taking advantage of topography to create optimal conditions for pen slope, basin drainage, and pond location is what we have been doing for 20+ years.

Operational Size

The design of a 500 head feedlot is entirely different than that of a 40,000 head feedlot.


No matter where your operation is located in the world, we understand the difference in climates and how they affect beef production.


Experienced engineers and competitive bidding for construction will ensure that we find the best monetary solution for your feedlot.

Existing Infrastructure

SASE has a long and accredited history in the expansion and renovation of existing feedlots.


Feedlot design relies heavily on management styles.