Livestock Facility Permitting and Compliance

Livestock Facility Permitting

Whether your project is a greenfield site, remodel, or complete renovation, our team of engineers and design technicians can ensure that your facility meets your local, state, and federal requirements for obtaining and renewing permits. Ensuring that our customers reach and maintain compliance is of utmost importance.

Serving Livestock Producers in All Aspects

State and Federal Permitting

Having prepared over 1200 state and federal permits for livestock facilities, our team understands the complexities and details needed to ensure your facility will obtain a construction and operating permit on time.

County Zoning

Our team has assisted producers in obtaining a vast majority of livestock facility expansion permits in the Midwest. We provide assistance in livestock facility citing that complies with county zoning requirements and represent the customer in the county hearing process. Our team helps local residents and county zoning boards understand, comprehend, and appreciate what livestock production can offer their communities.

National Resource Conservation Services

Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) funding can provide financial resources to certain producers that qualify. SASE is a registered Technical Services Provider (TSP) of the NRCS, and has designed, built, and provided services to hundreds of producers to gain cost-share funding for constructing Livestock Waste Control Facilities (LWCF).

Secondary Containment

A secondary form of containment for fuel tanks and liquid fertilizer storage facilities is required when these structures exceed a certain size. The SASE team has designed and built these containment facilities to ensure environmental compliance with a practical, cost-effective approach for our customers.

Environmental Compliance and Record Keeping

Our team of compliance managers and field technicians strive to simplify the lives of our customers every day. Settje Compliance Service (SCS) utilizes a proprietary web-based record keeping system, which is the only system of its kind in the livestock environmental compliance sector. Our system ensures accurate records for many CAFO needs, including:

  • Pond levels and dewatering
  • Inventory and maintenance inspections
  • Manure projections and nutrient management
  • Precipitation and weather events
  • Chemical and petroleum storage
  • Mortality records and disposals

We Do Much More Than Just Record Keeping

Site Inspection Representation

For annual inspections, or as the need arises, our team will represent our clients during on-site inspections with government officials.

Facility Maintenance

Settje Agri-Services works with many contractors across the US to execute small feedlot projects, such as: staff gauge and liner repair, pen cleaning and maintenance, basin and pond cleaning and repair.

Sampling Services

We provide turnkey soil and nutrient sampling for all solid and effluent manure. Our team uses this to create Certified Nutrient Management Plans, custom agronomy plans for variable rate application, and other key items.

Groundwater Monitoring

Settje Agri-Services has installed and currently samples over 1000 wells across the Midwest. Our team can design, bid and oversea the installation of your groundwater monitoring plan and follow up with sampling events annually, bi-annually or quarterly as needed.

Request A Free Settje Verification Audit

Don’t just hope your operation is ready for your next state regulatory inspection — know it’s ready.

Settje offers free livestock facility evaluations that include documentation of potential environmental issues or repairs you may need for your facility.

Take advantage of this valuable resource and schedule your free audit today.