Poultry production systems permitting, design, and implementation is the newest species added to our list of services.

Site selection, county zoning, state permitting, site development, and construction services provide one-stop shopping for the owners and integrated operators. SASE has designed, permitted, and built several sites in Nebraska and Kansas. Recently, SASE was awarded the contract to provide all site layout and design services, and act as the General Contractor for all excavation, underground drainage and aggregate placement for all 100+ Lincoln Premium Poultry sites to be located in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.

SASE can assist you with all components of your facility, including site layout, ventilation, turn-key construction, nutrient recovery, mechanical and electrical design, and environmental compliance. Poultry barn engineering has grown to be a specialty of our staff, where several of our engineers and construction managers specialize in poultry production systems. In addition, we have designed and built many manure compost facilities and office/mechanical buildings. Chicken litter is a high-value product, and if managed and applied correctly, can be a major profit center for your poultry operation.

Factors to Consider

A wide range of factors come into play when considering how to design, engineer, and build your poultry barn system:

County Zoning

No other firm in the country conducted more successful county zoning permit applications. Understanding local concerns and addressing them one-on-one builds bridges and solves anxiety.

State Permitting

The SASE team has designed and permitted over 1300 State permits in Nebraska and surrounding states.

Operational Size

Whether it’s 6000 or 60,000 birds, we design and engineer poultry barns to fit your operation’s economic and agronomic requirements.

Nutrient Output and Utilization

Without question, the nutrient value from manure in poultry barns is a tremendous asset for crop production. Our manure marketing and agronomy team can develop a plan that maximizes return for your crop production needs.


Our experienced engineering team and competitive bidding process for your construction project will ensure that we find the best monetary solution for your poultry facility. Competitive bidding during the construction process results in owner satisfaction.

Opportunity for Contract Growers

Poultry production integrators continue to expand to the Midwest and beyond, and with that expansion comes opportunity for farmers of all types to diversify their current operations. As a poultry contract grower, you can minimize risk through diversification and take advantage of investment returns. Some of the most renowned benefits of contract grower programs include: