Swine Production Facilities

Full Services for Confinement Barns

Site development, permitting, design, and construction of swine barns and related swine production facilities has long been one of the signature services of our company. In addition, we are a leader in environmental compliance services to provide one-stop solutions for hog producers. SASE has designed, permitted, and constructed virtually every size and style of swine facility in the Midwest:

  • Finisher Units
  • Sow Farms
  • Boar Studs
  • Nurseries

Engineering and Design

Settje can assist you with all components of your hog barn design and layout, including:

  • Site civil engineering and design
  • Facility ventilation and climate control
  • Pig flow and working efficiency
  • Gestation and farrowing options
  • Nutrient recovery and swine manure management
  • Feeders and feed delivery systems


Swine biosecurity protocol is paramount in hog barns, creating a need for proper design and construction of:

  • Consolidated entry and exit points
  • Shower in/out facilities for employees
  • Isolation units
  • Clean rooms for equipment load in/out
  • Truck washes and sanitation bays

We Respect Your Budget

Our experienced design team and competitive bidding process for your swine construction project will ensure that we find the best monetary solution for your confined feeding operations and facility design. Competitive bidding during the construction process results in owner satisfaction.

Farrowing & Gestation

Always on the cutting edge of technology, the SASE team continues to research and discover new farrowing and gestation systems to advance and promote the swine industry. We strive to help producers meet market trends efficiently and profitably.

Existing Swine Facility Infrastructure

Not only do we permit, design, and construct new swine barns, our team also has a long history in the expansion and renovation of existing facilities. We conduct engineering evaluations, develop remedies, bid work, and supervise all types of repairs and renovations.

Facility Ventilation Layout & Design

Bringing 35 years of swine facility experience, our design team is led by Henry Zach. Henry is considered one the foremost experts in the nation regarding hog facility ventilation, design, layout and function.

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