Finishing Units

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Swine finishing units have evolved into a standardized system throughout much of the industry. Although the basic concept and layout of the swine production facilities is consistent across many producers, other factors in the structures are variable.

Engineering and Design

SASE can assist you with all components of your hog barn design and layout, including:

  • Facility ventilation and climate control
  • Pig flow and working efficiency
  • Nutrient recovery and manure management
  • Feeders and feed delivery systems
  • Electrical components
  • Environmental compliance

Swine Barn Engineering

Swine barn engineering is a specialty of our engineering department, with industry-leading experts of hog production on our staff. A wide range of factors come into play when considering how to design and build your swine facility:

County Zoning

No other firm in the country has conducted more successful county zoning permit applications. Our team takes an individual approach to each unitin order to abridge local concerns and get your swine barn operational.

State Permitting

The SASE team has facilitated hundreds of the State permits for swine confinement barns in Nebraska and surrounding states.

Layout and Design

Bringing 35 years of swine facility experience, our team is led by Henry Zach. Henry is considered one the foremost experts in the nation regarding hog facility ventilation, design, layout and function.

Nutrient Output and Utilization

Deep-pit and manure storage facilities maximize nutrient recovery and output. Proximity to cropland is essential for manure hauling and transfer to provide sustainable nutrient utilization.

Lagoon systems can provide an alternative to deep pit swine facilities for manure and effluent management when crop base is limited.


Our experienced design team and competitive bidding process for your swine construction project will ensure that we find the best monetary solution for your facility. Competitive bidding during the construction process results in owner satisfaction.

Existing Infrastructure

Not only do we permit, design, and construct new swine barns, our team also has a long history in the expansion and renovation of existing facilities. The SASE team can conduct engineering evaluations, develop remedies, bid work, and supervise all types of repairs, renovations and storm-damaged structures.