Engineering with the End-User in Mind

Our core business function has long been engineering. Take comfort in knowing that your project is designed by some of the best Professional Engineers in the industry.

Serving Livestock Producers

For over two decades, Settje Agri-Services and Engineering has worked directly with farmers and producers to develop custom facility designs tailored to each operation's needs. Our team of professional engineers draws inspiration from multiple years of cattle and livestock handling experiences and strives to provide unprecedented services to produce profitable results for our customers.

About Settje Engineering

As our core business function, Settje Agri-Services and Engineering, Inc., (SASE) has engineered, designed, and permitted over 1200 livestock operations in the United States. We focus on beef, swine, dairy, and poultry facilities ranging from 300 to 100,000+ head. Our team works with producers to find solutions that match both their size and management style. SASE provides one-stop shopping for all surveying, engineering, and permitting needs of today’s progressive livestock producers.

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