Water Resources

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Our team provides the experience and knowledge to best approach the design, construction, and permitting of dams or grade control structures to fit your needs. Water is a resource, and it is our job to preserve it while protecting properties and infrastructure from flooding and erosion.

Core Services

  • Dam design and rehabilitation
  • Bank stabilization and grade control
  • Stormwater management and flood protection
  • Aquatic enhancement and lake restoration
  • Irrigation and livestock water supply systems

Major Deliverables

  • Dam assessment
  • Emergency action plans
  • Breach evaluations
  • Dam design plans and specifications
  • Bidding documents

Not only does our engineering team create new dams and grade control structures, we also are capable of evaluating the condition of existing structures. Whether you are faced with seepage issues, upstream encroachment, regulatory requirements, stabilization needs, or simple dam maintenance, our dam engineering specialists can provide you with the service required.

Primary Projects

  • Lake Association Spillway Repair
  • Dam Assessment and Permitting
  • Irrigation Water Supply Reservoir
  • Surface Water Appropriation Permitting
  • Recreational Dams and Ponds