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Core Focuses

The agricultural engineers at Settje Agri-Services focus on livestock facility design with operational efficiency in mind. The core competency of our engineering staff is their agricultural backgrounds. These engineers are professionals behind the computer, and have been involved in production agriculture and livestock operations for much of their lives. Our engineer’s core focuses include:

  • Livestock facility site selection
  • Site-specific civil engineering
  • Livestock facility engineering
  • Environmental engineering solutions
  • Practical use for construction-ready drawings
  • Facility renovations and re-purposing
  • Cost-comparison between facility features
  • Full facility layout
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Organic/Certified system requirements
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Primary Deliverables

Settje Agri-Services takes a full-service approach to each engineering project. After completion of site selection and surveying, our civil engineers create a design that works for all aspects of your livestock facility, including:

  • Feedlot pen slope
  • Fencing and gating plans
  • Grade requirements for all civil works
  • Drainage ditches and basins
  • Sediment basins and ponds
  • Concrete design and engineering
  • Earthworks and compaction considerations
  • Freshwater plumbing layout
  • Manure lift stations and pumps
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