Settje Agri-Services & Engineering to Launch Agriculture Sustainability Podcast

Sustaining the Herd Podcast

Settje Agri-Services & Engineering to Launch Agriculture Sustainability Podcast

Learn about new technology and best management practices in the future of livestock

RAYMOND, Neb. (April 17, 2024) – Settje Agri-Services & Engineering has announced the launch of “Sustaining the Herd,” a new ag sustainability and innovation podcast. Hosted by director of innovation and sustainability, Andrew Wedel, P.E., and innovation and sustainability specialist, Brock Vetick, the bi-monthly podcast will delve into all matters involving agricultural sustainability. With insights from industry professionals and producers alike, listeners will walk away with knowledge of current trends across the livestock industry and how operations are managing the challenges.

“Our goal is to discuss innovation and sustainability in a manner that serves as a valuable resource for producers. We want to present the producer’s perspective on sustainability so that allied companies in the industry are aware of issues and challenges facing animal agriculture.” – Andrew Wedel, P.E.

Settje Agri-Services and Engineering has been at the forefront of agricultural innovation for decades, offering cutting-edge solutions to empower farmers and enhance productivity. “Sustaining the Herd” represents the company’s commitment to driving positive change within the industry and fostering a community dedicated to sustainability.

Listeners passionate about the future of food production and interested in being part of the conversation can download episodes of “Sustaining the Herd” on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and YouTube.

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