Our Commitment

It’s no secret that animal agriculture is put under a microscope for environmental sustainability and ecological impact. In fact, it’s the original reason Settje Agri-Services was founded in 1997. A professional agricultural engineering firm needed to act as the middleman between livestock producers and a growing governmental regulatory environment.

As SASE began this process, we learned that every livestock producer treats their land and animals as if it will be there forever. To further this, we continually ensure that all of our customers meet county zoning, state and federal requirements for their animal agriculture operations. We ensure that livestock producers meet deadlines for permitting and constructing of their operations, and engineer every aspect of the facilities to contain solid manure and effluent.

Through this process, livestock producers are able to recycle nutrients and create an operation that regenerates in growth, and is sustainable for generations of farmers to come.

Animal Welfare

Livestock producers across the United States and world have been faced with scrutiny for the extremely small percentage of people who do not treat animals properly. Settje Agri-Services and its customers are not affiliated with those individuals.

Containment and Recycling

Manure and effluent containment from confined animal operations can be a challenging task. Our engineers design every aspect of each livestock facility to contain all manure, ensuring that no harmful products are released into the surrounding environment.

More About Containment and Recycling

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Food production, no matter the method, requires natural resources. We specialize in ensuring that those resources are properly utilized and protected for generations to come.