45,000 Head Beef Cattle Feedlot

This feedlot is a premier example of our capabilities on all fronts. The facility was originally a 20,000 head feedyard that required substantial re-design and construction to meet both environmental standards and a new standard of operation for Brian Kissinger. SASE has acted as the permitting and design-build contractor for the entire facility over the last ten years. These expansions include: 28,000 head space of feedlot addition, cattle receiving/shipping system, electronic sorting and working facility, and high moisture corn intake/processing facility.

The facilities on this feedlot have become a standard in the industry for all design aspects, and we take customers and industry influencers on tours through the facility on a regular basis. We acted as the design-build contractor for all previous expansions and remodels, and also serve as the feedyard’s permitting and compliance provider in all aspects.

What the producer had to say about working with Settje:

“Dean Settje and Settje Engineering have been doing work for me and my family for over 20 years. From the time I graduated college, almost 27 years ago, until today, we have more than doubled the size of our operation and Dean has been a part of it the whole way. From the design phase, to the construction, to handling of environmental control there is nobody out there any better.

Our operation has had three major expansions in the past 10 years and they have all turned out just how we wanted them. The people he has on the engineering side are very easy to work with and have a lot of different ideas to throw out that help design a layout to make things efficient to feed and move cattle in our operation. Once the design phase is done, they do a good job of getting the best bids out there from the subcontractors that do the best job for the money. They are on site to make sure the work is getting done on a timely matter and making sure the quality is up to the expectations. I will continue to use Settje Engineering for all my needs in the near future.”

— Brian Kissinger Owner & Manager, Fort Kearny

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