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Dairy Manure Digestion and Dilution: Part 1, The Impact

Written by Andrew Wedel PE — Settje Agri-Services & Engineering

Recently, there’s been an increase in the awareness and utilization of manure aeration technology that incorporates an “aerobic” process that supplies enough oxygen to support aerobic bacteria.  While historically, the capital and operating costs of aeration systems have been seen as cost-prohibitive, advances in the design and components used in today’s systems have demonstrated the potential to offer an attractive return on investment, in addition to improved odor control and net manure value for the operation.

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Robotic Dairy: How Does It Work?

Technology has taken a leap in the past few years, especially in new agricultural practices. In the dairy industry specifically, we see the new technology and automation being used for feeding and milking, which has developed into a more common practice recently. What happens in a robotic dairy? Think of a robotic dairy as an […]

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