85,000 Head Beef Cattle Feedlot Working and Processing Facility

Settje Agri-Services has completed several turnkey design-build projects at this feedlot. One turnkey project was a new cattle working and processing facility. This facility utilized two double-to-single Daniels alleys, bud box cattle flow system, radiant heaters, trench floor drains, and an electronically controlled hydraulic sort system. This facility currently withstands cattle traffic of over 500,000 animals per year through it, without any warranty claims to date. Concurrently, our team designed and built a 10,000 head expansion to the feedlot.

In addition to this, our team also served as the design-build contractor for a manure distribution pipeline system that delivers manure to 86 fields over 5 miles away from the facility. This project included in-depth feasibility and engineering calculations to ensure that enough pressure and power were applied to the pipeline through a series of risers and booster pumps.

What the producer had to say about working with Settje:

“I want to express my satisfaction with Settje Agri-Services over the last 11 years I have been at Herdco. Settje Agri-Services has exceeded our feedlot’s expectations on all fronts of our facility. Between a state-of-the-art processing and electronic sorting facility, robust manure distribution pipeline, and 10,000 head expansion, we would not hesitate to use Settje’s for any and all design-build projects in the beef cattle industry. They are on time and on budget. As well, their permitting and compliance team is great to work with and keeps our facility in compliance with all State and Federal Regulations.”

— Chad W. Matthews General Manager, Herdco Feedlot

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