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Top 5 Secure Beef Supply Plan Questions

Written by Becky Funk, DVM MS- UNL Animal Health Teaching and Extension Specialist

When it comes to foreign animal diseases, such as foot and mouth disease, understanding what a Secure Beef Supply Plan is and how it works is the first step you can take to protect your operation. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 secure beef supply plan questions and answers to help you learn more about this trending topic.

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The Importance of Low-Stress Working Facilities

Written by Hannah Settje

With public scrutiny of animal welfare at an all-time high, it’s more important than ever to maintain high standards for animal care in facilities. This means conditions need to be humane and laser-focused on safety to maximize efficiency and minimize risks for animals and workers. Here are some of the primary factors you should consider when considering updating or fixing your cattle processing facility.

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Robotic Dairy: How Does It Work?

Technology has taken a leap in the past few years, especially in new agricultural practices. In the dairy industry specifically, we see the new technology and automation being used for feeding and milking, which has developed into a more common practice recently. What happens in a robotic dairy? Think of a robotic dairy as an […]

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Winterizing your Feedlot

According to Farm Progress, November and December are the best months to get ready for the winter months on a feedlot operation. The same can hold true for other animal feeding operations, but with cattle in open lots in the elements of winter, spring cannot come soon enough. Good management for the winter season can […]

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Maximizing your Manure Value

Nature’s greatest fertilizer: manure. Not only can we harness this animal byproduct and use it to increase production in crops, but also add value back to the land we use. As a source for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, manure can sometimes eliminate the need for commercial fertilizer. How can livestock producers manage this resource to […]

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Solar Energy in the Midwest

Do you ever see solar panels on houses and buildings and wonder, “is the cost of a solar panel worth the return in energy savings?” In some states, such as the coastal states and in the south, the amount of daily sunlight makes up for the seemingly expensive investment for solar panels. The tax write-offs, […]

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Diversifying your Operation: Part 2

At Settje Agri-Services, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting many individuals who are very passionate about the swine industry, from producers, scholars, veterinarians to industry leaders. Some of these people are fourth or fifth generation swine producers to their own family operations, and some have recently added contract finisher barns to their other forms of […]

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Feedlot Worker Safety

As the days get warmer and we start to look for signs of heat exhaustion in cattle, producers need to be aware of employee safety as well. In most recent data from UNMC’s Central States Center for Ag Safety and Health (CS-CASH), the occupational fatality rate for workers in the cattle industry is 116 for […]

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overhead shot of cattle containment barn

Cattle Confinement: Improving Beef Feedlot Designs

In 2019, feedlot owners are working hard to make sure the get the ROI they need. More and more, they’re finding that custom-designed beef facilities give them that higher return on investment, along with value-driving benefits such as smart manure management and improved animal health.  Many responsibilities of today’s beef producer includes making sure barns […]

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Considerations for a Truck Wash

What are some things that you should consider if you are thinking about adding a truck wash to your facility? We asked Settje Agri-Services Engineer Matt Goeller and President Dean Settje to make a quick checklist of what to think about before starting the process. Check with your local city/county zoning administrator about what permits […]

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